Blue City: The Quaint Lanes and Alleys Flanked With Blue Coloured Houses

In 1459 AD, a king was looking for a place to shift his capital. He chose a hill and built a citadel on its top and around the base a city took shape. Today the city has expanded and is known as Jodhpur. But it is also known as “The Blue City” because a lot of houses in the old city around the fort are painted blue. Many curious souls ask: “Why Blue?” We’ll try to answer that but first let’s see the blue city in pictures.

Now since we’ve seen the place, let’s come back to our question “Why Blue?”. There are several myths around it and one of them should be a fact. Now we don’t know how to separate the wheat from the chaff here, so we give you all the myths. Here they are:

  • According to the local lore a certain section of the society painted their houses blue in order to stand out.
  • Some locals also believe that the colour blue is a good reflector of sun rays, so painting the house like this would’ve kept their houses cool in warmer months. Jodhpur is the gateway to the Thar desert, so summers are supposed to be very harsh.
  • There are also the ones who believe that in order to keep their property safe from the termites, the residents painted their houses with blue paint.

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