Kota Doria: The Weaving Technique That Was Born On The Bank Of A River

Credit: Live History India

The Weave

Kota Doria is a unique weaving technique wherein a blend of cotton and silk is woven to create a light, airy, and translucent fabric which is ideal for hot and humid weather. It has been recognized as the fabric of the future by fashion designer and former model Bibi Russell

The Origin

It was a group of weavers, who were brought to Kota from Mysore and were inhabited on the bank of the Chandralohi river, who pioneered in this weaving technique. Today the town called Kaithoon, some 15 km from Kota, is the hub of Kota Doria weavers.

The Challenges

The authentic Kota Doria is hand woven on traditional pit looms in Kaithoon and some surrounding villages. However, several units in Surat and Varanasi did start producing counterfeits with the same name which not only taints the beautiful art but also jeopardizes the life of the weavers. Hence, government of Rajasthan helped the community by getting them a GI tag (Geographical Identification). So, today to ensure that you are buying the authentic Kota Doria, do check for the GI mark on the fabric.

The Present Usage

Kota Doria sarees are quite popular especially amongst the ones who are into ethnic fashion. It is also used to create ethnic dresses. But there are a few companies like Aapro Label and The Loom who create fusion wear using this fabric.

Who Offers Kota Doria Apparel Online?

Here are a few companies that craft apparel using Kota Doria fabric and offer them online:

  1. www.theloom.in
  2. shop.gaatha.com
  3. kosataga.in
  4. gocoop.com
  5. www.aaprolabel.com
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