Mehrangarh Fort: The Creation of Angels, Fairies And Giants

It is hard to guess that hidden behind the robust walls and mighty bastions is a profusion of art and luxury. Intricate stonework, beautiful courtyards, and luxurious palace apartments is what you come across when you explore Mehrangarh. Rudyard Kipling was so fascinated by this contrast that he called it “the creation of angels, fairies, and giants”.

Things To Know

  • Mehrangarh is not only the biggest fort in Rajasthan but is also one of the most well-managed forts in India.
  • Set on 150 m high hill, this fort was established by Rao Jodha in 1459 AD. Of course the succeeding rulers did the additions mostly in between mid-17th and mid-19th centuries.
  • Earlier the capital was at the nearby Mandore. Rao Jodha shifted the base here for better defense since they were constantly at war with neighbouring Rajput kingdoms and Mughals.
  • It has withstood many battles. As you explore the fort, you’ll come across the walls with the marks of cannon balls.
  • The Jodhpur town was originally established in the area around the base of the hill on which fort stands. The houses in this town were painted blue and there are many myths for choosing the colour blue. A lot of these houses are blue even today and are a sight to behold from the fort.

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