Munnar: Undulating Tea-Slopes Guarded By Blue Mountains

When a mesmerizing view of hills and greenery enveloped by soothing mist will greet your eyes, you will know that you have arrived at Munnar. Known as the British Summer Resort, this quaint hill station of south India, bordering Tamil Nadu and Kerala, is a haven for every nature lover. From rare flora and fauna to the tea plantations spread across the entire city like green carpets, visiting Munnar is therapeutic, some say and they are not wrong. For every locale in this beautiful hill station has its unique charm, and will make you forget everything including your worries. 

If you are a tea aficionado, then sipping the Indian chai or a variety of green teas with water droplets tantalizing your eyelids on a rainy day at a tea plantation is the best thing that can happen to you at Munnar. As you think that nothing can get better than this, the delicious food made from coconut oil and garnished with crushed coconut will leave you wanting for more such lip-smacking food.

 And the nature lover in you will be left hypnotized by the unique offerings of Munnar. The lucky ones will spot the Nigiri Tahr, a rare species of goat at Munnar’s Eravikulam National park which is known for  lush greenery and scenic views. And after hearing your voice talk back at the echo point, where the river tip toes between the tea plantations and the coffee plantations, the meeting of the sky and earth at the top station will leave you wonder struck. Also, if you happen to visit Munnar between July to October when the Neelakarunji blooms, then your eyes will be welcomed by a visual treat. Every hill of Munnar will be enveloped with beautiful purple blue flowers and these memorable flowers bloom only once in 12 years. 

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